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Courtesy Callback Exception Error Message

Level 1
Level 1

On my test bench I've recently configured Courtesy Callback, but I cannot get past an error message that says "Contact id: 59548, Contact is inactive when getting channel".

All the steps work correctly up until the agent presses any digit to initiate the courtesy callback. Using active debugging, when the agent accepts the callback and the routing script moves to the successful step and attempts the "Call Redirect (--Triggering Contact-- to CallingNumber)" it invariably fails with an Exception popup with "contact is inactive when getting channel" and I cannot figure out why. I've searched and am not able to find out anything that defines that error message enough to direct me to a solution.

I am using UCCX version 12.5 and I have two call control groups configured, one inbound and one outbound. I am able to use the Call Redirect step successfully in any other routing script except for this one.

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