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CUIC Custom reports with UCCX Live Data

We want a report similar to the Team performance without the logout agents. We also want a report slightly different from the Agent Detail report. Essentially we want it to look like the old CSD screens. I can not figure out how to get the live Streaming data source in my standalone CUIC so that I can import the live reports. Is this not possible? I have attempted on 10.5 and 11.5. UCCX and CUIC with Premium licensing. I can get it all to work with Custom historical reports after adding the UCCX data source. But of coursae all the imports fail for any live reports and the data source Live Data streaming does not exist and I can not add it since the DB type is not an option. I found the following information which makes me think I have to write my own website and then make it a gadget in finesse?


The voice data :

http://<UCCX IP>:9080/realtime/schema

http://<UCCX IP>:9080/realtime/VoiceCSQDetailsStats

http://<UCCX IP>:9080/realtime/ResourceIAQStats

http://<UCCX IP>:9080/realtime/AgentCSQStats

http://<UCCX IP>:9080/realtime/VoiceIAQStats

Cisco Employee


If the LiveData gadgets (I assume that is what you mean by Agent Detail reports) is not what you want, then the only two options is:

1) If you only want one report shown on the desktop, you can use the CUIC permalink to a live data report. See the CUICSampleGadget in this case. It would require the agent to log in into this gadget to see the report and CUIC only supports one session per browser (hence the one report only).

2) If the above does not work, you are correct that you would need to make your own gadget using the above APIs.



Thank you Denise,

I will try to provide adequate detail. We moved from 8.5 and the Cisco Supervisor Desktop client to Finesse. Currently they heavily use not ready reason codes and Supervisors must monitor agents for abuse of these codes. Currently within CUIC live data reports there are none that provide a view for this like the CSD tool did in 8.5. I customized the Agent (Agent Team summary with thresholds to show the reason code name but there is no duration within that reason code. I have also worked with the Supervisor (Team State Report) but it does not have the reason code and the duration is on the state so it is inaccurate if agents move from one RC to another RC.

   The closest solution is the gadget included in the finesse Supervisor, Team Performance. Its limitations are I can not adjust the height of the box past 10 agents and it shows all the logged out agents. Is there a way to get an exported copy of this gadget to tweak it?


In Finesse 11.5, you can adjust the height of the team performance gadget in the desktop xml layout:

<!-- Set the height of the TeamPerformance gadget using the "maxRows" parameter.

  If you do not set or if you set the height to less than 10 rows, then default value is applied.

The default value is 10.

  for eg. <gadget>/desktop/gadgets/TeamPerformance.jsp?maxRows=20</gadget>


This is probably the least of your worries though. Unfortunately at this time, the TeamPerformance gadget is not exposed as open sourced.

The team performance gadget is built off of the public Finesse APIs and you can build a custom gadget doing the same thing with your modifications. To do so, you would need the following:

1. Get a list of the supervisor's team.

2. Subscribe to the supervisor's team node that is selected to get the notifications from the team.

3. Populate the list of users on the team with their states & reason code.

I hope that helps.



Hi guys,

To make it simple and clear, if i read between the lines correctly, CUIC Premium does not support custom Live Data Reports for UCCX?

Hi Pavel,

According to this document, it states that "You cannot create custom Live Data reports."



Hi guys,

I trying to make custom report in CUIC 11.6 Premium, with Parameters from Real-Time Data and from Historical Data,

but i can't find how to add the "Streaming" Data Source to CUIC so i would able to import  the CCX Live Data Reports that i exported from UCCX.


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