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Customer Collaboration Platform (CCP / Social Miner)




We installed licenses for CCX premium and also configured a CCP server to accept chat requests from customers.  We are running version 12.5 SU1 on both applications.  We use extensive wall boards for voice by querying the UCCX server.  I have went through documentation and currently have an open TAC case (no luck) trying to track down how to query queue stats for chat.  From the reports in CUIC I can see it's calling the stored procedure sp_chat_csq_summary.  I am not able to query this SP using my linked MS SQL server.


For voice queues we query the following [db_cra].[informix].[rtcsqssummary]


Does anyone have information on how I can build wall board stats (chats in queue, chats completed, chats abandoned, etc..) using either this stored procedure or querying the database itself?


It seems that since Social Miner is now CCP, the documentation and Cisco staff that know anything about it are very limited.  The fact that we paid $250k to upgrade from enhanced to premium licenses just for chat/email integration is unfortunate.  I wish I would have looked for another platform all together for this service instead of trying to bring everything into Finesse with CCP/Social Miner.  The features are very limited as is the interface and reporting features.

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This doesn't answer have you can get the data from the DB but there is another way

You can use the realTime api





        <Object name="ChatQueueStatistics">
            <Field topicId="true" id="true" type="string" name="queueName" />
            <Field topicId="false" id="false" type="number" name="queueId" />
            <Field topicId="false" id="false" type="number" name="agentsLoggedIn" />
            <Field topicId="false" id="false" type="number" name="agentsBusy" />
            <Field topicId="false" id="false" type="number" name="agentsAvailable" />
            <Field topicId="false" id="false" type="number" name="agentsReady" />
            <Field topicId="false" id="false" type="number" name="agentsNotReady" />
            <Field topicId="false" id="false" type="number" name="agentsReserved" />
            <Field topicId="false" id="false" type="number" name="contactsTotal" />
            <Field topicId="false" id="false" type="number" name="contactsQueued" />
            <Field topicId="false" id="false" type="number" name="contactsHandled" />
            <Field topicId="false" id="false" type="number" name="contactsAbandoned" />
            <Field topicId="false" id="false" type="number" name="contactsInProcess" />
            <Field topicId="false" id="false" type="number" name="agentsAdded" />
            <Field topicId="false" id="false" type="number" name="agentsRemoved" />
            <Field topicId="false" id="false" type="string" name="teams" />

returns json or XML

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This could work.  So the first link (schema) worked but the second did not.  I added in the actual server name for "servername"




Cisco Systems, Inc.
HTTP Status 405 - Method Not Allowed
type: Status report

message: Method Not Allowed

description: The specified HTTP method is not allowed for the requested resource.


Any other ideas on how I can accomplish this?  I have a case open with TAC.. They suggested something similar and to use http://servername:9443/realtime/ChatQueueStatis/ which unfortunately gives me the same error I mentioned in my previous post.  If anyone else is looking at social miner / CCP I would stay away from it.. Very limited options and weird bugs, especially for the cost.

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