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CVP 4.0 SR2 Speech -

I am using Cisco CVP 4.0 SR2 version and developing a simple POC for speech deployment. I am receiving a A VoiceXML error occurred of type "". The default MRCP timeout value of 3 seconds is also increased to 10 seconds.

Below are my development and deployment details:

1) I am using Cisco Unified CVP 4.0 with OSR 3.0 as the VXML Gateway adapter along with c2800nm-ipvoice_ivs-mz.124-6.XT.bin Cisco IOS

2) I am trying to use 2 Option Menu CVP Standard Element to get "one" or "two" from the caller using Speech.

3) Below is the gateway configuration related to ASR/TTS:

ip host asr-en-us

ip host tts-en-us

ip host asrtts-en-us

http client cache memory pool 15000

http client cache memory file 600

http client cache refresh 864000

http client connection timeout 60

http client response timeout 30

ivr prompt memory 15000

ivr prompt streamed none

no http client connection persistent

ivr asr-server rtsp://

ivr tts-server rtsp://

mrcp client timeout connect 10

mrcp client timeout message 10

mrcp client rtpsetup enable

vxml tree memory 1000

codec g711ulaw

dtmf-relay rtp-nte h245-signal h245-alphanumeric

no vad

4) I have made change to Speech works Media Server the following configuration change

C:\Program Files\SpeechWorks\MediaServer\server\config\OSServer.CFG

server.resource.2.url VXIString media/speechrecognizer to: server.resource.2.url VXIStringrecognizer

server.resource.4.url VXIString media/speechsynthesizer to: server.resource.4.url VXIStringsynthesizer

After which the Speech Works Media Server service OSServer.exe - OSServer.CFG didn't come up.

Also, one more observation while running the debug mrcp all, we found the GW is trying to talk through 554 RTSP port of recognizer and synthesizer. Is this the correct port?

2 Accepted Solutions

Accepted Solutions

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I have an older version of OSMS running, but my gateway config has the following, specifying the MRCP port to use:

ivr asr-server rtsp://asr-en-us:4900/media/speechrecognizer

ivr tts-server rtsp://tts-en-us:4900/media/speechsynthesizer

(I don't recall if 4900 is the OSServer default port for rtsp, but I'm sure it's configurable. You should search around in the OSServer.cfg file to see if the port is defined

Also, in your OSServer.cfg gile, you definitely need a blank space after 'VXI' and before 'recognizer'. Same for 'synthesizer'

This could be why the OSServer isn't starting up. FYI, did you look in the OSServer log file? look in the log directory for the OSMS installation. It should tell you why OSMS didn't start up.


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# RTSP port to use for the server

(all on one line)






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