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CVP integration to Verint for Post Call Survey


Hi all! I have a task to move one of our customers from their current phone system (Avaya) to UCCE/CVP (v12.6). Their current setup has post call survey setup where the surveys reside in Verint (wav files, rating, reporting). Not a lot of documentation exists on that side unfortunately. I'm trying to keep the Verint PCS as is and just point to it from Cisco side. I am told on the Avaya side they do a VXMl call to a Verint URL along with some parameters appended like ANI and UCID.

Is there a way to mimic the same on the CVP side? If so, how would I go about setting this up - VXML app? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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Just set up the post call survey on the Cisco side like is outlined in the documentation, but in the post call survey script, call this other Verint application that you mentioned.

Thanks Bill. Any guidance on how I actually "call" Verint from within the VXML PCS app? That's the piece I'm trying to figure out. Can I use the Rest_Client node to do an Http Post similar to how you'd do a web service call? Sample Verint URL is below:

http:// Verint_Server/cf/startcall?BROWSERNAME=AVP&LANG_CODE_PARAM=en&ANI_PARAM=6025551212&UCID=00001115551533743293

Based on the URL and your post, the app might be written for AVP which means you're not going to easily be able to serve it unless you can transfer the call to a gateway that can handle AVP. My advice is to look at the VXML code and reverse engineer what they are doing in CVP. This will give you a lot more control and far more scalable if you ever want to make changes.


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