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Looking to build a microapp to take calls from ICM to process TTS/ASR but need to pass SSML to the form audio group as well as a grammar file from ICM. 


So far I've attempted to use the RESTAPI step to pull either an XML file or raw text. The raw text works fine but as soon as I introduce any SSML VVB reads it as if it as escaped XML characters. I'm thinking this may require a custom element to be able to parse the external document and put it in the right TTSDOM structure...?


Another way I've thought about doing it is keep the CVP app itself simple and just use external VXML. Not having much luck with the VoiceVXML insert now the subdialog initiate. 


I've taken the example from the documentation but seem to be getting errors. Sort of confused on when you need to specify the application parameters on the VXML open tag and when you do not. First question would be which element is the correct one for this and second would be in which scenario is the application parameter needed? 


Any feedback or sample code is greatly appreciated!



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I have an ICM script that points directly to a webserver that serves up a full vxml document. For the most part it works great except that the VVB doesn't seem to fully support the vxml 2.0 spec, so some functionality is limited.

Are you using the subdialog invoke or VXML Insert? 

I'm an issues with getting the interaction log/activity log to work for the VXML docs. The root doc has the variables but cannot seem to call on them or they're undefined. 

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