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Deleting ECC or increase/decrease length

paul jurkowski

Is restarting the CVP services required when either deleting or changing the variable length? I thought it was but digging through some of the docs I have, I don't see anything offhand. Still on CVP 7.X and ICM 7.5X Thanks.

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Is there any modification done in ECC variable then you need to restart the ICM PG to make the modified changes working and certainly not the call server.

You need to restart the call server only if length of the ECC Variable value that was set in Script Editor is longer than the maximum length of the ECC Variable configured at setup time. please refer the below URL



I'll have to respectfully disagree here. Please see the following two blurbs from the v7 Config and Admin Guide (pg155 in link below)

Note: Any time you change the configuration of any ECC variable with the Expanded Call

Variable List tool, you must stop and restart the Unified CVP ICM Services.

• If you change the length of the ECC variables while the Unified CVP ICM Service is running,

you need to restart the Unified CVP ICM Service for it to work properly.

So essentially any change would include a deletion of the entire variable, addition of a new variable or a decrease/increase in length, correct?


All the changes will not require deletion and addition. You can make changes to the Variable lengths of ECC variables without deleting the same. By doing so, you may need to restart the VRU PG

But the change in Array size will require in deletion and addition of the same ECC Variable.

But before deleting the ECC variables you should be very cautious as that respective ECC variable can be pointed anywhere in a script. First that reference should be removed before deleting ECC variable.

Hope this helps.



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