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Error while scheduling a report in CUIC


While trying to schedule a report in cuic I get the following error:

Error Updating the filter information

Although I set filtering, I get this error. How can I solve the problem?

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Anthony Holloway
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
I would recommend you try it with a different schedule, report, browser, computer, user. If you simply cannot get a new scheduled report after any of that, then reboot the server. If you're still down and out, you should call Cisco TAC for help, because you might need someone to look at your system and logs for you.

VIP Advocate VIP Advocate
VIP Advocate

Like Anthony said, try it with some of the other options, like a different report, etc.

Another thing to try is run (not schedule) the same report and see if you have the same issue (i.e. it is the report setup and not the scheduling of the report that is the issue). Sometimes the scheduler is just highlighting an issue that exists with the report/report definition itself.

Thank You for your reply

I can use the reporting without scheduling with no problem. I also changed my browser, user, report type and filter options, but the same error occured.

If you save a copy of the report with the filter selections you want and schedule that (i.e. don't use the filter options in the scheduler when you schedule the report, but "hard code" them in the report you save), does it work?

Good thought for testing purposes. Though, if it did work, then what?

There are a couple of bugs (here's one where the "workaround" from Cisco is to do it this way (i.e. not allow filter usage in the Scheduler). Not ideal, but might at least let the poster be able to get the reports running while the defect and/or fix comes out.

The poster could also be running into a defect like this, where scheduled reports get broken after an upgrade.

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