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Finesse and CAD in Parallel

Joe Gilbert
Level 1
Level 1

Is there any limitation in UCCE versions 8, 9, or 10 to having both Finesse and CAD installed and functioning?

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Level 6
Level 6

You can run cad and finesse at same time for cce but you can't have cad supervisors with finesse agents or vice versa.

Have you done this before? In which versions of UCCE?

Have you found any Cisco documentation to support that?

This comes from the Finesse Product Manager Ted Phipps.

UCCE 9.0(3), finesse 10.5(1)

Hi, I am install CAD and finesse server, but finesse does not work (When I click to Team Resourse I have error The Finesse server currently Out of Service), but service started. On documentation i see only restriction for UCCX.

Please open a TAC case to ensure your Finesse on UCCX is installed correctly.

Thanks for reply, dlender, but I use no UCCX, I use UCCE 9.0

For Finesse for UCCE, If Finesse agent desktop or administration is not working correctly, open a TAC case.

Andrey, Did you ever figure out what the issue was?  I'm currently experiencing the same error message when clicking on Team Resources.