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Finesse – Display CUIC Live Data report using a Permalink


My customer is running UCCE Finesse 11.6 with CUIC 11.5 and we are trying to embed a Live Data report using the 3rdpartygadget and a permalink. The report is a modified version of the Agent Skill Group Live Data report. We want to define the agents that are included in the report's filter rather than doing it by the agent's team as happens if we use the LiveDataGadget. Unfortunately when we do this as well as logging into Finesse we are are also prompted to login to CUIC (if the agent is not already logged into it)


Is there anyway of avoiding this when we use the 3rdpartygadget or perhaps getting the LiveDataGadget to use the default filter rather than filtering by team?

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Hi Boyd,


This is something that's achievable with 2Ring Gadgets,


I'd be happy to run a quick demo for you if interested?



email, WEBEX TEAMS..

Mobile..  +44 7842 553492

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee



If you want to embed a live data report into the Finesse desktop, I was told by the CUIC team that you should modify the LiveData gadget that is provided. They referenced this section of the doc:


I personally haven't tried it out, but I'd suggest giving it a shot. As far as needing to log in when the permalink is used, that is normal unless you change the setting for the report to require no authentication.




Hi Denise,

Thanks for coming back to me so promptly. I have had a look at the document but it seems to be more about adding an extra filter using the Field filters. What I want to do is just run the report using the default filter. (which I have configured to be all agents at one of my sites)

I have already tried running the report using no authentication but that fails in Finesse (blank screen). If you run the permalink outside of Finesse you don't get prompted to login to CUIC but you get the following error.

Error fetching datasource info

Best Regards


Sorry, I'm out of ideas. I had asked about this to the CUIC team a while back and was given that link. They said it is possible to get any kind of live data report by modifying the link for the gadget. I haven't really tried myself. 


I'm just throwing this out there as something I would try, but have you removed the filterId parameter altogether?




Hi Denise,


Yes I have tried removing the filterId but the report then returns no data despite me having a default filter configured. I will read through the document in the link to see if I can think of anything else.


Thanks again for your help