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Finesse gadget and browser updates

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Firefox has recently updated their browser from 29.0.1 to 30. As a result, Finesse no longer loads the reports in the Team Data or Queue Data gadgets. "Loading Report..." is all that we see. The Manage Team and Manage Call gadgets work just fine. The same behavior is present when using Chrome.

These gadgets still work in IE but that doesn't help us much as some of the call center agents are on Macs.

Has anyone else found this behavior?

We are on Finesse 10 and UCCX 10.0.1.

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I had this problem on Finesse 10 and UCCX 10.0.1 with Firefox 30 and IE 10/11. I saw that the release notes for UCCX 10.5 showed that finesse was compatible with IE 11 so I went ahead and installed UCCX 10.5, but I still have the problem with  or without compatibility mode turned on. It does work on the latest version of Chrome on Windows though.

CUIC live data reports also did not work under UCCX 10 which is where I believe the live data reports in Finesse come from. After upgrading to UCCX 10.5 I can now get the live data reports to work in CUIC on IE 11 in compatibility mode, but they still don't work in Firefox 30.


p.s. I did some more testing and it does work on IE 10 after the upgrade to UCCX 10.5

We opened a TAC case on this one and Cisco does have a defect classified for this issue (CSCup45107). It seems that there is a workaround that a Cisco tech could perform at the CLI level if rolling back to Firefox 29 is not desirable.

In our case, we've chosen to roll back to Firefox 29 on our Windows and Mac systems used by our call center agents.

For the record, the call flows still worked just fine, but some of the useful gadgets just wouldn't load. Now on those systems that we've rolled back to Firefox 29, they are working once again.

The workaround for the bug  CSCup45107 requires updating some lines for this file ( report-layer.js), which will require ROOT account user to edit this file. This workaround should be a quick one.



Hello Davidsonm,

Basing on your reply above, you mentioned that after upgrading to UCCX 10.5, IE 10 works. So far, did you really found a fix to IE 11 ?

I have the same issue with IE 11 on Win 7 SP 1 and on Win 8.1. The reports are stuck on "loading report".

Kindly help me on this.





The issue with the defect was catered on FF and that was impacting V10 UCCX. The issue with FF has been fixed in 10.5.

IE 11 has not been a tested browser for Finesse, however if you run it in compatibility mode for IE 8 or 9 it will work.