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Finesse Gadget Enabled - Drag-and-Drop and Resize Gadget or Component

Keith Todd

Looking to get some insight if someone has enabled the Drag-and-Drop and Resize Gadget or Component or can provide some screenshots in operation.  I have enabled it but see no difference or change compared to when it is not enabled.

Customer comes from a previous Call Center environment I3 where they can move and resize their windows and was wondering if this gadget was the key to replicate it.  I did enable it per the screenshot attached but didn't know if I was missing anything else.


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It looks like there are defects for some versions where it doesn't work currently? See below for instance.

Thanks for the link Bill, the bug report shows 12.6 and the instance I am working with is 12.5 ES04.  May not be documented.  When I opened up the TAC case for clarification, the engineer stated to come here as they would not assist.

Hi, that's really what TAC said, that they couldn't tell you if your version is impacted by that bug and to come here?
If so, I would escalate that case, TAC has to at least be able to tell you if your version is impacted, that's crazy. It's not like it is some custom integration that they don't support.
Also, have you tried it on multiple browsers?

Keith Todd


TAC reached out as a follow up (believe it was the manager) so I relayed some of the questions and hoping something comes back positive from it whether it is a potential bug or some screenshots of the feature enabled working.

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