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Finesse Gadget - Invoke two webservices and make outbound call


Any suggestions on handling below scenario from Finesse Gadget. I understand handling Webservice calls is easy with CVP app instead of Finesse Gadget but not sure how i can make outbound call from CVP app after getting webservice B response so thinking to go with Finesse Gadget.

- Invoke Webservice A from Gadget automatically when call is answered

- Invoke Webservice B after response from Webservice A(Pass Webservice A response value as input to Webservice B)

- Make outbound from Finesse with Webservice B response

-Assuming Inbound call should switch to HOLD 

Any suggestions is really appreciated.



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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi smeegada1,

May I know what kind of outbound call are you expecting to perform?
If the plan is to make route-point outbound call, you can achieve the same with consult api's in Finesse. 
- Your custom gadget can make WebService A call
- Upon successful  response invokeWebService B call
- On successful response fromWebService B, use dialog finesse API's to make outbound consult call. 

Consult call will automatically make original call HOLD.
I hope, this will help you in you scenario.

Can you explain the use case of what you're trying to accomplish? Perhaps you can do this in CVP, by using something like the transfer element, but I think we'd need to understand what you're trying to do/why. Here's the link to the element as background in the meantime.

Hi Bill,

Below is the Use_Case,

Once agent answer the call and Member/Caller say they are calling about specific topic then agent will click button on Finesse Gadget. Once click the button, I have to call 2 webservices and then make outbound call to TFN and then conference Member so that all 3 parties will be in call(Member,Agent and 2nd leg (TFN)). Reason i planned to go down path of Gadget is because once agent answer the call then I am not sure how i can pass caller ANI as input to webservice call A because it will be outbound call.It would be great if you have any direction or have  a way to pass caller ANI to Outbound call.

Thanks in advance.