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Finesse Live Data gadget authentication for agents

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Hello everyone!

We are trying to integrate Live Data gadgets into Finesse desktop. Supervisors could use the LD gadgets but agents couldn't. They see error message "You are not authorized to perform this operation. Please authenticate with valid credentials." in the gadget frame.
I think that CUIC imports only supervisors logins from the UCCE.
So the question is how to configure authentication for agents? Will this work with SSO only?

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I think you need to provide some more details on what you're trying to do. Some reports do require a supervisor, but others do not (like to look at the queue overall).

Or you might just be running into this bug where you need to make sure any user can run the report you want.

There's no need to set up all agents in CUIC as users or anything like that.

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I've noticed that 'CUIC\agentproxy' is missing in our CUIC server. I could not find instructions how to restore it, so I just created the user as on another server.

Now the error message is another one: 'Failed to load the gadget. Either CORS is not configured or a problem has occurred in the Reporting Service. Please contact your administrator.' It looks like a bug - CSCvv62955

But unfortunately details weren't provided in the bug description.

what version you used now??
if error appear CORS I think you can try this


utils cuic cors enable
utils live-data cors enable
utils cuic cors allowed_origin add https://<finesse-FQDN>
utils cuic cors allowed_origin add https://<finesse-FQDN>:8445
utils live-data cors allowed_origin add https://<finesse-FQDN>
utils live-data cors allowed_origin add https://<finesse-FQDN>:8445

Restart the following services:

* utils service restart Intelligence Center Reporting Service
* utils service restart CCE Live Data NGINX Service
* utils service restart Cisco Finesse Tomcat (on Finesse server)

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This resolved CORS error in Finesse for me in UCCX...


Go to CUIC --> Configure --> Permissions


on the top right Group Permissions should be selected.


In the select entity dropdown select Data Sources.   


Select Live Data Streaming Data Source. Tick mark AllUsers View, click Update 


Not sure if needed but I also did... Select UCCX. Tick mark AllUsers View, click Update 


In the Drop down select Reports and drill into the Live Data. I assigned "AllUsers" view access to everything possible I could and I finally got the reports to display in Finesse.