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How to generate report against talktime in CUIC

Arnab Mukherjee
Level 1
Level 1

Hello Everyone,

Can anyone please let me know how to generate report against talktime in CUIC? As an example, suppose I want to create a inbound call report to see howmany calls were lasted for less than or equal to 10 mins out of total inbound calls. If i receive totall 200 calls for a specific time repiod then can i check how many calls of total 200 were lasted for lessthan or equal to 10 min?

Please help.

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Level 1
Level 1

Arnab , you will have to create the custom template for your requirement in CUIC as Standard stock template does not cover this.

Probably , you can download  answered call report from CUIC & apply excel formula's logic to get result you are looking for .


Thanks Manjunath for your time to response. But can you please tell me the exact process to create the custom template? Thanks much for your time and help.

Enclosed sample template that i have .( These sample templates are for CUIC  9.x version)

+Login to CUIC (as Admin) -  Click on Import tab to import them in your CUIC.

+ Select Realtime &   you are done.

Go though the collection  that are imported ie: Call type report  . for your requirement. (Refer to CUIC guide for more details)

Suggest you to go through CUIC DB schema guide  to make more use of it.

Hi Arnab,


Please go through the "Create Custom Reports" section of the attached documentation in order to understand in detail how to create Custom Reports and achieve what you are looking for.