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How to post message to agent chat console in finesse

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Hello Team,

Could you please guide me if there is any ways to post/send message to the chat console of the Agent desktop after the agent accept the chat conversation in the Cisco Finesse. Instead of agent typing the message, I want to send greeting or other conversation on behalf of the Agent. Is there any JavaScript API can be used for this from the 3rd party gadget of the Cisco Finesse.

Appreciate your support. Thank You.


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Alexander Stevenson
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi @bbnpm,

I searched the Cisco Code Exchange for 'Finesse' and filtered it for JavaScript; the results are interesting:

None of them are probably an exact fit, but you can see the GitHub repos are linked in the pages so you can see what APIs they are using for these gadgets.

I hope this helps!


Can you use some of this for inspiration

socialminer-sample-code/ at master · CiscoDevNet/socialminer-sample-code (

You can do a put (via AJAX)

PUT (Update) - Contact Center Express - Document - Cisco Developer


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