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Is it possible to Play Audio after catching hotevent,Badfetch (error.badfetch)

jimmy jain


I have a requirement to play some Static Menu from VXML Application in case of any errors or HotEvent.

When i try to play an Audio after catching Badfetch (error.badfetch) , I again get Badfetch followed by abrupt disconnect.

I am setting fetchtimout at element level not RootLevel.


If i try same thing after catching  NoResource (error.badfetch.http) It works.

CVP :-v11.6(1)
Cisco Virtualized Voice Browser Administration :- System version:


Any Pointer's would be helpful.

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I am pretty sure it's possible.  However, I am thinking you might have to send the call back to ICM, and then back to the Vxml server to play another prompt.  The reason I'm thinking this is because it will clear out that session on the vxml server once the call goes back to ICM and then create a brand new session going back into the vxml instance, and i'm pretty sure there it will work. 


Try it and let me know.

Hello PaulMil,


Thanks a lot for Your Input, I Agree,  Yes We can do that by sending call back to ICM and invoking a new VXML Session.

but before  Implementing this , I just want to make sure  , It's not possible to achieve this  in same first application where we have caught the badfetch ?

Browser (VVB) will continue to throw Badfetch ?



Usually the error.badfetch indicates that the voice browser's 'fetchtimeout' timer expired waiting for vxml server to return the next vxml page. To prevent this, you can set the VoiceXML Property named fetchtimeout to a large value (like 30s) in the voice element just prior to the slow web service call.  Note that if you set it without using the 's' for seconds, then it's being set to 'milliseconds' and that causes a lot of cascading problems.


If you catch error.badfetch and want to play audio or a menu, you probably should set the fetchtimeout in that audio or menu element to a large value. 





Yes, it is possible. You can use hotevent and add erro.badfetch in Event: tag in hotevent settings. After catching the error you can route the call where you want.




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