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Debra Chittick

Is there a limitation of characters in a String variable in 8.0.2?

Is there a limitation of characters in a String variable?

I'm trying to create an email within my script and when I paste my text into my parameter, which is a String variable, it will only paste up to 80 characters (including spaces).

In 7.0 I was able to paste my paragraphs and the larges paragraph had 346 characters (including spaces).




Sorry just noticed in your primary post you mentioned that it's a string variable

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Ah.... that's it. 

I modified the value of the parameter within the script and added the text that I needed. I added the following:

"To transfer the file over to the router's flash you will need an TFTP or FTP program.  Start your application and make sure that the default directory is pointed to the directory where you copied the greeting.  Now log into the router that needs to be updated.  Once you are in the router issue one of these commands:"

It accepted it and was able to use the entire value.  So it must be the web page that will not allow me to enter more then 40 characters.

Do I need to get this submitted as a bug?

Thank you,



well, I guess if you want, you may submit this as a bug, but on the other hand, I think this is a reasonable "soft" limit for the form field to prevent users entering jumbo length strings. After all, this parameter thingie is not supposed to be a full-service HTML form ;-)

The text above is relatively short, so it's OK to use it as a parameter field, but for longer "strings" I would definitely go and explore the possibilities of a template - one may be uploaded on to the UCCX, or referenced by an URL.

Happy coding.



I think whatever it is, it should be consistent.  I should be able to edit this parameter and not have to edit the script in order to change the contents of the String.  That is the beauty of Parameters. 


Is it possible that you could submit this as a bug?

Thank you,


Hi Debbie,

I do not think it's a bug. Also UCCX script application page is not meant for configuring script. Though you can use the page to modify the scripts but for scripting you should use the CCX script editor.

Moreover may be the string expression of the parameter was not provided correctly in your script. I just tried with the script editor and managed to type a very long string so there is no such restriction. Please see the below screenshot. Here I used UCCX 8.0.2 script editor. As I do not have a UCCX installed here that's why could not test it using the web page.

Thanks and Regards,



You must have missed my reply where I stated that I can type a long string value in th editor, but cannot put the same string in the web page to change the parameter value.  This is a bug in the Administrators Script Application web page.

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