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Looking To Change Caller ID (CID) For Internal Transfers

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We are utilizing PCCE 11.5 and have been trying to use the user.microapp.override_cli in our scripts to manipulate the information displayed because calls from our general contact center queue don't stand out to our sales queue staff who are juggling a multitude of other tasks as part of sales queue responsibilities (it's not a clean inbound sales queue, the staff are also making outbound follow-up calls, working in different applications on their workstation, etc.).


The user.microapp.override_cli works great for outbound callers going from the PSTN directly to the sales queues and can override the information to say "Sales_Call" or similar verbiage, but if our general contact center attempts a warm transfer to the sales queue the sales staff don't see "Sales_Call" they see the name of the general contact center agent calling out to the sales queue for the warm transfer.


We have been told per TAC that Jabber will use info obtained by ContactList/Reverse Directory Lookup/Call History and if it doesn't find any info then it will try to get info from whatever CCM provides.  This means that because the agents are in Jabber, CUCM as well as PCCE when the internal call is coming to Agentjabber from CUCM, it is seeing the internal caller extension and is displaying the caller ID from the contact list from “jabberAllContacts.xml” file and therefore Jabber is working as designed and expected.


Our problem is we don't want this to be the case, we need sales calls to stand out by manipulating this Caller ID information to be "Sales_Call" or something that stands out to our sales staff.


Has anyone else out there handled this or found a way to manipulate the Caller ID information for warm transfers between queues?

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So this doesn't address your question directly, but have you considered checking the routing client of the call and if UCM (internal) then move up the priority or set whatever PV you want to show it's an internal call?





We currently use the PVs to "tag" the call but with Jabber having CTI control of the agent line the big Jabber "toast pops" that pop up and appear are the notifications that we are trying to override because this one is prominent and at the front of the screen when when a call comes in, unlike a Finesse window or the 2Ring Compact Agent (embedded in Jabber as a custom website shortcut) which easily gets buried behind CRM / other applications our sales staff are constantly in.

I see, so it's the Jabber toast which you want to modify by changing the ANI, that's an interesting approach unfortunately I can't think of anything I've done which could address this. Good luck.