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modification of Unified CM Telephony Provider in uccx,greyed out

Level 5
Level 5

Hello everyone,

I have uccx 12.5 installed and integrated with CUCM 12.5.This uccx was redundant for a long time (2years ago).I have a new cucm 12.5.i want to integrate the new cucm 12.5 with the uccx.

I wanted to modify the Unified Telephony provider but it is greyed out. The old cucm was integrated during the initial configuration of the uccx. Is it possible to add new cucm  to uccx

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Accepted Solutions
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If what you're doing is the scenario mentioned here as far as changing the whole cluster, it looks like it might not be an option, only updating IP is? 

thanks for the link. I have successfully added the cucm ip to uccx

Glad it helped. So it wasn't a new cluster but just a new IP?
If that helped, please mark it as helpful/as the solution, in case others run into the same question in the future.

Yes, it was not a cluster