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PG server connection to Central Controller side A failed


Hello all,

There was network issue on core switch at data center.   I checked out IPCC enterprise servers, and found the following


. On both PG servers’(sideA & sideB) application log, it showed “ Connection to Central Controller side A failed

. On Central Controller side A server: ( Router & Logger), the application log showed:

ACD/IVR IVR4(ID 5007) is off-line and not visible to the Peripheral Gateway. Routing to this site is impacted

It didn't show any issues on Central Controller site B.

Please advise:

.   how to verfiy that PG servers(sideA and sideB)  Connection to Central Controller side A failed ?

.   if the aboved connection failed, how to resolve it?

appreciate your reply.


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Senthil Kumar Sankar
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Howard,

The public link between the PG's and Rogger A failed. If this happens the PG's will reallign the connection to other side ROGGER B

Both PG's side A and Side B will be having either an active or an idle connection to RoggerA.

You can have a look at CCAG,MDS,NM logs on the Rogger and  PGAG,MDS,OPC,NM on the PG.

Have a look at the Scenario 2: Visible Network Failure from UCCE SRND,



Thanks a lot Senthil.  It is very helpful.

The period of network issue is around 15 minutes.   Just wondering:

how to verify the connection from PG to Central Controller side A is back to normal?

through log/command output?


You should see an entry in the windows event viewer telling you the PG has reconnected.


Hello Howard,

dump the logs of pgag and ccag for pg and cc and check the logs. for your reference you will see the low and high priority messages exchanges between router and pg and router receiving the ACK back from PG.

Router sending low priority messaged to PG:

Queuing low priority roll-forward to PG01 (seq 40010000)

PG receiving low priority messaged from designated cc side.

PG1A-pgag Message Trace: DMP sending low priority message to Central Controller side A

Router ACK from PG:

PG01 low priority acked = 3fdb0003, roll forward seqno = 40010000

if there will any communication failure between cc and PG then you will see the below message on ccag.

1:1:14:294  ra-ccag The Network communications between ICM Router and Peripheral  Gateway or NIC PG0X has been down for XX minutes.

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