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Hi,I have written a script that uses the Create URL Document step to retrieve an XML file from an external web server.If the web server hosting the XML file is unavailable I want the script to detect this and then run some steps.My issue is how do I ...

Hi,Is there anybody know how to check the utilization of Software MTP and IOS MTP. I know how to check the utilization of hardware MTP. but i didn't get any command or way to check the utilization for the Software and IOS MTP.

HiI want to call a customized layout instead of default layout in Cisco Agent Desktop.STEPS USED:1. I created a new WorkGroup[WGroupNew] and Layout[LayoutNew] using the Cisco Desktop Administrator.2. Using the CCXEditor while designing the script, i ...

Hi All;Now I built side A (RGR, HDS, CVP PG and CUCM PG) and I got a new servers to build side B. I am going to install the ICM on side B. Regarding to the databases (HDS, AW, logger), just I have to create them on side B, and connect side B and it w...

I just rebooted my single ccx 8.01 Premium server because the repository was unavailable and unable to start. It rebooted and now the repository is available.  However, now everytime I login I get a message that my license grace period of 30 days is ...

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Currently when navigating to Applications/Script Management in UCCX 8.5 I get the following error.Error reading ScriptsRepository Data Store not initialized. Please activate the Repository Data Store by navigating to control center page.Under Network...