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Queue music configuration in script



I have to implement a new queue prompts in UCCE setup, whenever the agents are unavailable we are queuing the calls. there is a requirement from customer where two queue prompts should be played when the calls in queue,  say prompt 1 and prompt 2. prompt 1 should played at first then for 60 seconds prompt 2 has to be played then prompt 1 has to play after that prompt 2 has to be played for rest of the time.


Conditions in short:

play prompt 1 --> 60 seconds of prompt 2 -->play  prompt 1-->prompt 2 for rest

prompt 1 should be played only twice.


Kindly some one help us to implement this.


Re: Queue music configuration in script

Look at microapps and also at Audacity. One will allow you to play any prompt in any order, the second will allow you to splice prompts together or apart to get them to the length you need them to.




Re: Queue music configuration in script

David mentioned using Audacity already. I would use Audacity to extract/export the 1st 60 seconds of prompt 2 and create a new file with that (export as 8000 Hz, U-Law). If you need help with that, I wrote a generic document on using Audacity to record IVR and/or Unity Connection prompts. Let me know if you would like to have that.

You didn't mention what IVR platform you're using but I see CVP in one of the tags but this should work with either CVP or UCCX/IP-IVR. This can be done in 2 steps. You play prompt 1, play the new 60-second version of prompt 2, play prompt 1 again (step 1) then play prompt 2 for the rest of your queuing time (step 2).

I hope that makes sense.


Re: Queue music configuration in script



First some basics,


Queuing must be done in ICM.  CVP can play prompts but not the queue music.


To play a prompt when you are using CVP (I am going to assume you have CVP and VVB servers already configured) you need to specify the medial path in your scritp with a few set statements.  Then you can add the queue node.  Mkae sure target requery is enabled if you want the call to find the next agent.  Then in your queue you have a few options to play the prompts.I like to have a VRU script set up to paly  media files using a varible so I can change the prompts as I want to in a script.
I create something like a  Network VRU Script named something like PlayMedia5, with a VRU script name of PM,-5,A.


After the Network VRU is added you will be able to play media prompts by just using a set variable node to set call PeripheralVariable5 to the name of the file.


Then inside your queue you just need to set PV5 to prompt 1, Run ext script PlayMedia5,  then set PeripheralVariable5 to prompt2 and Run ext script PlayMedia5, and when you do not want to play prompt 1 again just make a loop.


I don't know if that is clear enough. Let me know if you want mre detail.


Good luck.


Re: Queue music configuration in script

@ssielaff wrote:


Queuing must be done in ICM.  CVP can play prompts but not the queue music.


This statement is incorrect. ICM doesn't play anything ever. Even if you're using microapps it's still CVP which is playing the media. Microapps are simple types of CVP VXML studio apps.




Re: Queue music configuration in script

Very true, but the configuration is in ICM, not in Call studio.
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Re: Queue music configuration in script

After queuing a call, ICM could send the call to a Studio app using RunExtScript (GS,Server,V (being sure it's Interruptible)) just the same as using PM microapps using RunExtScript (PM, music.wav, A) (being sure it's Interruptible).


In either case, VXML is being created and sent to the VB to play audio. ICM will interrupt and send the call to an agent when it's time.


The benefit of having a Studio app play music repeatedly, is that it's only 1 node in the ICM script.
Also Studio has lots of flexibility (random audio, etc)


The tricky part about using a Studio app for queue music, is that you can't use an Audio element (as it's asynchronous). So you have to play the audio from an element this is synchronous (like Digits element).



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