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Hello All, I am trying to create an e-mail notification to a specific group of Admins when there are no agents in a queue. I was able to get this working without any issues. However they are asking if it is possible to add the name of the CSQ into th...

RHOSK77 by Beginner
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I am wondering what secret sauce anyone has for enabling SSO Users in CUIC 11.6.   I am doing a fresh install. SSO for Finesse is working 100% AOK; I can login with SSO Creds all day long.   My IDS (Co-resident CUIC, LD, IDS) also reports in Test tha...

Has anyone figured out a way to create a live report from Enterprise Variables?  I have created a custom call variable report for a Supervisor Gadget, it shows the results of a survey, plus details of the call.     The issue is the time delay, since ...

Hello, I have created an external VXML 2.0 application that is called from a UCCX script. The applications sends a record request to UCCX 11.6 using a 29xx voice gateway.  I wish the recorded audio to be returned to my web server for further processi...