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"Get Call Contact Info:Dialed Number" returns trigger, not dialed number details

Christian Legg
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Level 1

Hello Folks,

I'm writing an application that does different things to a call based on the number that the caller dialed to get to the script.

The Get Call Contact Info command has the "Dialed Number" attribute, but when I read this value all that I get is the trigger point that I associated with the application.

I reckon that the CUCM is not sending this information through to our UCCX box - anyone got any ideas as to where I start looking on there?

UCCX 7.0(1) SR05, CUCM

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Build multiple Triggers and point them all to the app.



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Gergely Szabo
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VIP Alumni


is it the "Original called number" you're looking for?


Thanks G,

What I'm looking for is the number that the caller originally called, so it could be the "Original Called Number"

As an example, the caller dials a number that is associated with our CUCM.  Let's say it's 08 1234 5678.  This gets mapped to a route point that is associated with a trigger on the UCCX.

The UCCX script "Dialed Number" appears to return the trigger/route point, not the original number that the caller dialed - the 08 1234 5678.

I've checked the other number attributes returned by the Get Call Contact info and they return data as follows:

Called Number:  route point/trigger

Original Called Number: route point/trigger

Original Dialed Number: null

Dialed Number: route point/trigger

None of them return the actual phone number that has been dialed to get the caller to the script.

It looks to me like the CUCM isn't passing the number that the caller dialed through to the UCCX script - all I get is the route point info.

Any ideas?

Build multiple Triggers and point them all to the app.



Thanks Chris

This is what I have ended up doing, though as we're looking at 500 numbers (it's for a fairly big campaign!) I've read up and implemented wildcard triggers in association with wildcard CTI translations.

It seems to do the work OK, and the route points get passed through OK so I can do lookups on those.




no, unfortunately, I cannot think of a good reason why the information you are looking for is not populated there.

Actually, does your telephony service provider send you that information at all? Obviously, that information is lost somewhere.


I'm not sure if our telco provides the information inbound, however as our CUCM answers the calls on a fixed set of nubers then it's not really a problem if they dont - the CUCM knowsn if someone rang 1234 5678 or 1234 5679.

I've done some reading and put together some wildcard triggers and CTI translations to get around the problem.

Thanks all for your suggestions and helpful advice.  I'm new to this forum (and fairly new to scripting) so I hope I can return the favour one day.

If you use a translation pattern to send your call to the CC then it replaces the original called number with the CC route point number.

So if you have a translation pattern 1234 5678 pointing to your CC trigger 2222 then when you get the original called number it will only show 2222

You need to use a CTI port and not a translation pattern. Set the CTI port number to be 1234 5678 and do a call forward all to your CC trigger on 2222. Then when you get the original called number it will be 1234 5678


Thanks Graham - I'll give that a try and post how it goes.

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