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"Your expected wait time is" IVR

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Hey guys, I'm still fairly new at creating IVRs and I've been tasked with creating a script that tells callers how long their wait time is.  It doesn't have to be complicated and it doesn't have to be dynamic.  It just needs to figure out the expected wait time and then I can create a prompt that says "your wait time is under 5 minutes" or "over 5 minutes", it doesn't have to be specific.  I'm sure this has been done quite a few times but I haven't found anything for it.

I'm using UCCX 5.02

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Aaron Harrison
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VIP Alumni


Yeah, it's pretty easy... and you're wise to keep it simple.


- create a string var,

- add a 'Get Reporting Statistic' referring to your CSQ and the 'expected wait duration' which sets the variable above. This will return a number of seconds.

- add an 'IF' (yourstringvariable > 300), play prompt 'you will be waiting more than 5 minutes' or in the 'false' branch, 'you will be waiting less than five minutes'.

Sometimes it can return -1 (if you misconfig the CSQ setting, or if the system can't calculate a time because there are no agents etc). Best to check for that as well...



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Thanks for the reply.  After thinking about it some more, how should I do this to get as accurate of a wait time as I can?  Has anybody ever made one before that they can upload?

Please do a search here. This has been discussed MANY times.



I've got the script working for the most part but the one problem I'm having is getting it to say the time in minutes and not seconds.  I've put a Set epectedWaitTime = (expectedWaitTime / 60) but it doesn't seem to be working.  Any ideas?

Doesn't work in what way?

You mean the varaible doesn't get set to the result of the calculation? Have you done a reactive debug to see what 'epectedWaitTime' gets set to?

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Level 1

I got this from a student CD in training.  Give credit where credit is due to Geoff Oliver at Skyline.

The first annotation in the script describes the actions of the script.

Basically, it will give you the estimated wait time of the csq you select, rounded to the nearest minute.

So insert everything including the "get reporting statistic" and after into your script after the callers are queued.

I have not tried it yet, but it seems verys straight forward to me, and I am new to this.

Good luck