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Hello guys, recently we migrated from IPCCE 7.1 to 7.5(9) and we have some troubles with wrap-up time, in any agent's the wrap-up time is not correct, and when the costumer question me about this, to solve this i refresh the time in ICM Configuration...

Hello,Enterprise-wide project is mandating we obtain Cisco ICM. It's proven difficult for me to determine exactly what this is and I'm lost in Cisco documentation. I am assuming it is not a standalone product we can introduce into our UCCX environmen...

Googi1974 by Level 1
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Anyone know of any "Design Guides" for Cisco's IP Contact Center Product? I'm looking for General Questions to be asked when attempting to design a Contact Center Solution based on Cisco's IPCC product. For example:Average Call Volume per Day/Month/Y...

thompsonc by Level 1
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Hi all,I'm implementing UCCX 7.0(1) SR5, using only 1 server. I have a situation where some agent suddenly logout of their CAD, only some agent. When i checked the Cisco Supervisor Desktop, that agent is logout with reason code : 32764. I know that r...

Hi,I have configured a button Task in CAD  to launch an external application but button didn't work. These application is java based.I have tried to configured button to lauch ie or notepad and it worked.I'm using UCCX 7.0 and CAD 6.6.Java based Appl...

etmarcof by Level 3
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Hello everyone,I'm working on a CRS 5.0.2 and CUCM 6.0.1 and I have a problem with ip phone agent who does not make me login. I state that I have looked at Cisco documentation type:Configuring Cisco CallManager IP Phones to Work With IP Phone AgentOn...

masdan by Level 1
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Hello,I have been looking at setting service levels within an integrated EIM environment, and I can't seem to make the correlation between configuring them in my workflow and reporting.In my workflow, I setup two SL's.   1 - Total Case Activity Time ...