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Transfer calls between queues in Contact Center Express


Good Evening/Morning,

I'm looking for suggestions on allowing agents in a queue (say the Billing Dept.) to transfer calls to another queue (like Technical Support). Currently agents are calling each other's personal extension and transfering directly.

Is this something I need to allow in the call script? I have a single extension the represents my ACD currently.

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Roman Rodichev
Rising star
Rising star

Create additional call trigger DNs for the same script. In the beginning of the script check the DNIS and use go to step to jump to the beginning of a specific queue. Ask agents to transfer to the new call trigger DN.

Thanks for the quick reply Roman,

Makes sense, ill give it a try and get back to you.

Thats the exact way i did it. I used a table in a database though instead of a switch statement.

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi All,

This behavior is not a supposed-to-work one. It is not expected to have a direct forward from the script call redirect step destination to a UCCX trigger or even CFA or CFNA (if the Ring No Answer Timer less than 6 seconds).

This applies even if you are transferring to a new trigger. In the script guide, the redirect is successful if a hang-up event occurs within a maximum of 5 seconds. Tests proved that this event will show up after these full five seconds as "Event queue time exceeded" info message. Any forwards to triggers before this times expiry will show wrong behaviors. Call will be flushed from after these 5 seconds and won't be considered an inbound call.

UCCX is not expecting the transfer happened within few seconds. The solution should be avoiding this redirection from UCCX trigger to another. If redirection is happen, at least five seconds delay should pass before sending the call back to another or same trigger.

You can get this behaviour working if you sent the call from the 1st trigger/queue to CUE (Cisco Unity Express) or CUC (Cisco Unity Connection) to play MOH for 5 seconds then to sent the call back to the 2nd trigger/ queue.



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