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UCCE 7.5: outbound vs. inbound

Hello, All!

We have group of agents , who must handle outbound(with Outbound Dialer Option) and inbound calls.

But, Outbound calls must has higher priority than inbound.

For example:

1. We have group of 10 inbound talking agents

2. We have also 20 calls in inbound queue for them

3. We have new  records for outbound in DL table

4. We need: When agent done present call, he will get new OUTBOUND call instead of getting new INBOUND call from queue.

We try a lot of cases:

1. Agent is member of one group/two group,

2. Changing outbound parameters ( Campaign type and Outbound percent)

3. Using callback feature

But in all cases, inbound calls has priority compared to outbound calls, and outbound calls starts only when all calls from queue are processed.

Can anybody help us and give some usefull advice?

Thank you!

Paulo Pereira
Cisco Employee

Hi Valentin.

I'm sorry to tell you that what you are reporting is actually Outbound Option working as designed.

Please refer to page 27 of the Outbound Option Guide for UCCE 7.5:

Regarding blended Campaigns/Skill Groups:

"... if an inbound customer is in queue, blended agents will not be reserved for the blended campaign."


Is there any way for remote controll for skill group members? Like AgentReskillingTool, but for third-party process?

In this case we can create some third party job -that will monitors DL campaign table and in case of existance any record to dial, this job will reskill agents from inbound skillgroup, they will make outbound calls and job will take them back to inbound skillgroup.

Can skill group members changed by simply edit awdb databases?

Thank you...

Hi Valentin.

I don't know of any third-party applications that would perform automated reskilling in that manner.  But any custom tool would have to perform configuration changes through CONAPI -- **not** via direct editing of the AW DB.  The AW DB should NEVER be edited directly -- it is a copy of the configuration which resides in the Logger DB and the Router memory and any "manual" changes to the AWDB will corrupt it.

You might want to work through your Cisco Partner or Cisco Account Team to engage Cisco Advanced Services if you would like a custom tool built to perform automated, on-the-fly skill group configuration changes based on campaign activity.

Good luck!


VIP Advocate

Yep, like Paulo said, this is how it works.  Your only option is to have outbound only agents.


Just to second all the previous comments, outbound only agents sounds like what you are after.

However, another alternative might be you could work a compromise in the inbound queuing script where you setup an overflow skill group which you assign to the outbound agents and do an LAA select on that skill group after calls have queued to the primary inbound skill group for X amount of time. That way calls will only route to outbound agents if an outbound agent is available after it's queued for a certain amount of time against the primary skill group. Since the call isn't queued I don't think it should stop the Outbound Campaign from sending records to agents but I'd recommend testing this first.



Sorry, Nathan

Can you describe what to do in simple set of sentences. It is very difficult to understand what you mean.

Thank you!

Ok assuming Inbound skill group is called "Inbound"

  • Create "Inbound_Overflow" skill group
  • Assign outbound agents to the "Inbound_Overflow" skill group
  • Queuing script for "Inbound" should look like:

  1. Queue To Skill Group: "Inbound"
  2. Wait for X seconds
  3. LAA: "Inbound_Overflow"
  4. Loop back to step 2

Because step 3 is an LAA step (Longest Available Agent), the call isn't actually queued to the Skill Group so effectively it will only check to see if an outbound agent with the Inbound_Overflow is available and route to them if they are in the Ready state which should only really happen once they have run out of records to dial.

Yes, this would work, however it could create the scenario where your inbound calls are never answered because your agents are always handling outbound calls.


David is correct. I would at the very least strongly recommend that a subset of the agents be assigned the normal "Inbound" skill group so that they receive Inbound as a priority over Outbound to try to avoid inbound callers never getting answered. I've never heard of a call centre prioritising Outbound over Inbound without any normal Inbound agents to handle the Inbound calls as a priority to ensure that they would eventually get serviced.

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