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UCCE HDS Rogger/replication issue


UCCE Version 11.5.1

I am having issues with my B side AW/HDS. I am able to get real time data, but the HDS server will not retain any new information. I can perform the below fixes that I followed in another reported discussion board. And that did add new information into the HDS side, but it still would not continue to add new data after manually adding it from A side. I am not at all a SQL professional so be gentle. 

Steps followed:

1. On AW/HDS2, stop the Distributor

2. From SQL Query Analyzer, issue "truncate table Recovery" against the xx_hds database

3. Start the Distributor

4. Watch the trace of the Replication process on the loggerB. You will see the requests come over. On the Distributor in the Replication trace you will see trace about OPERATIONS (inserts etc).

Use ICMDBA and look at those timestamps - hit refresh each time and you should see the tables come up to date.

If the trace shows this is not working, you need to do both distributor and logger. It's very important that you truncate the table AFTER stopping the process, or it will not work.

1. On AW/HDS2, stop the Distributor

2. On Rogger B, stop the Logger B

3. From SQL Query Analyzer, issue "truncate table Recovery" on logger B (against the xxx_sideB database)

4. On AW/HDS2, issue the same command against the xx_hds database

5. Start the logger

6. Start the distributor

7. Watch the trace of the Replication process on the loggerB and the trace of the Replication process on the Distributor. You will see all the operations occurring

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Omar Deen

If it's not adding new data, you could potentially have sizing or purge issues. Can you go into CCE Tools and open ICMdba? Drill down to your hds, right click properties and see what % used is for the hds database. The other thing is the purge jobs... they simply could've stopped running for a variety of reasons. Go into SQL Mgmt Studio, expand your SQL Jobs and find your hds Purge jobs... right click the job and click View History... what do you see?

Hey Omar, thanks for the reply! Looking at the HDS % I'm showing 1.86% for Data and 6% for our Log. The purge jobs all appear actively running everyday (including today) with success. Though I may not be looking at the correct info. I've attached a couple pictures that may help, the purge photo provided is similar for each job. 

VIP Advocate VIP Advocate
VIP Advocate

Hi, so you're saying that it never gets any data from the Logger aside from what you manually insert/copy? This may be a basic question, but have you checked the retain/purge settings in the registry on the HDS to make sure it is set to retain any of the data? the below posts goes into it some, but you'd want to look on the HDS registry here HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\GeoTel\ICR\\Distributor\RealTimeDistributor\CurrentVersion\Recovery\CurrentVersion\Purge

Also, you likely have 2 HDS one for each side of the system, do they both have this issue? Is A side working fine and it is just your B side with the issue?

Hey thanks for the advice. I did confirm that it is set to retain the data. And yes, there is a side A and B. A does work with no issue. B however is not able to automatically generate new historical data (outside of what we manually added in there). Of course, the Realtime data populates with no issue. 

If you look at the Logger B, do you see any issues in the logs as far as replication there? If you look in the Logger B, do you see historical data there too?

Logger B does appear normal and seems to obtain its data normally. Upon completely rebuilding the HDS database (without copying data from the A-side) we notice from the historical summary we are still only getting updates on t_Call_Type_Interval, t_Call_Type_SG_Interval, and t_Route_Call_detail. 

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

@jrdodson truncate of recovery table against any table will create data holes in the database and the pending replication will not happen due to deletion of the recovery keys against those table. Its never suggested to run. 


Ritesh Desai.

thanks and regards,
Ritesh Desai
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So, I think everything is functioning normally, the only thing now is it appear that I'm simply missing a number of tables from my HDS side. As mentioned, I am only showing 3 tables providing data, as where Side A is showing multiple tables (pictures provided).

Did you check for the purge/retain settings for those other tables? Each one has it's own separate setting.

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