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UCCX 10.6 Finesse Email Issue.

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Dear All,


I have UCCX 10.6, Social minor 10.6 along with MS Exchange 2010.

i can see email in social minor feeds as below but on in finesse.

But in finesse i am unable to see Ready\Not ready for chat and email button , which is default feature. pic is below.



i have checked all the configuration. and everything seems fine but no email on finesse. i think when Ready\Not ready for chat and email button appears. issue will be resolve.

anyone there who has faced this issue and can help me to get rid of this.


i had seen one abnormal thing in social minor.below is the snapshot.


Waiting for response.


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Dan Lukes
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VIP Alumni

Additional Communities have no relationship to the topic of your question. Don't expect response here.

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Level 1

Anyone please update on this case .

Hello Raza,


Please send me the XML layout you are using for Finesse Desktop and let me test that in my lab. Else, feel free to use the attached XML and just replace all the instances of "FQDN of Social Miner" with the Fully Qualified Domain Name of your SocialMiner Server in the URL and that probably work for you.




Dear Deepak,


firstly thank you for your response.

Let me test your xml layout and share results. until please find attached my xml file which i am using . please test and share your views. 

my FQDN for social minor is .


Please test and update. thanks

I can't see the pictures you attached. What browser are you using to log into Finesse? I had problems with IE. Also, make sure you use the FQDN when logging into Finesse agent desktop.

following are the points tosolve this issue 

1. use FQDN for finesse Desktop

2.import tomcat cert frm SM  and upload to UCCX.

Dear Deepak,


i have used the xml file you given and i am still facing before mentioned issue. Ready for chat and email option is not available and its still buffering.


Please help to resolve it , as i need to deliver it to customer as soon as possible




Hi Raza,

Try using the FQDN/Hostname of UCCX when you log into Finesse, not the IP address.