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UCCX 11.0 - Office 365




I have a script to let callers leave message and this message will be uploaded to UCCX folder and then send an email. Callers can record the message and it successfully uploading in en[us] folder, but send email step is having issye.

No errors were found in reactive script. We have office 365. Same script has been tested with on premise exchange and it worked fine.

Kindly let me know if UCCX 11.0 supports office 365 or not.


Thank you.


Sean Lynch
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I think the more correct question is whether or not Office 365 will support SMTP relay.

From the SMTP setting help:

The SMTP Settings window allows you to configure an SMTP host, through which your system can send your email. You can view or set the SMTP hostname and see whether the SMTP host is active.

If you have set your SMPT setting on UCCX 11 to point to your Office 365 service, if it doesn't say it's active, then you may have to dig deeper to configure it to work for you.

I am not familiar with this process, but it may help you in this direction.

Hope this helps.


Send email step use Mail server set under Subsystem > eMail. Also, if 'From' email address is not set inside the script then it uses email address mentioned there.


If reactive script is not showing any error then I believe UCCX is able to contact office 365. You might need to check this further on office 365 why it is not able to deliver these email. Does your office 365 account used in 'From' email address has any restrictions?



Onkar Mahajan

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Agreed.  This is one part of configuring settings for email.  The part to which I was referring is whether not SMTP is activated/available from the OS Admin Page under settings:


...this is what tells you whether or not your email service/server is available for use with email via SMTP.


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