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UCCX 8.5 to 8.51 .msi packages

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Level 1

Where are the . msi packages located? I have a test server up and running with the 8.5.1 SU1 and need to get the update MSI to push out to the clients. Where can I locate the package at? I tried the below URL and I keep getting a not found from my UCCX server.

http://x.x.x.x:6293/TUP/CAD/CAD Clients Service Release.msi

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Walter Solano
Level 7
Level 7

Hello Bill,

did you run the CAD client service release after the upgrade? if you dont please do it

Yes. And restarted the services.

That is what I posted. WHen I go to that URL I get:

HTTP Status 404 - /TUP/CAD/CAD%20Clients%20Service%20Release.msi

type: Status report

message: /TUP/CAD/CAD%20Clients%20Service%20Release.msi

description: The requested resource (/TUP/CAD/CAD%20Clients%20Service%20Release.msi) is not available.

HI Bill,

Please try this location

\program files\wfavvid\tomcat_appadmin\webapps\TUP\CAD\SR\CAD Clients Service Release.msi
does work.

Difference is the SR folder in the path...

this means the update path should look like;



Which version of UCCX you are running or You don't get service release if you are runnig

Started at

Upgraded to SU1 and now I am at

So after running through an upgraded it is not a client service release package. It will uninstall the old version and install a new version of the software instead of just a patch.

Just tested in the lab. 8.5 has no service release. The CAD/CSD installation will take you directly to the rigth version.