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UCCX 8 Partial Services and Data Store not initialized

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Level 1

Hi experts!

I'm a RS CCNA but have responsibility to manage CCX.


Our CCX has problems which is some of our CCX services are in partial service and the data store not initialized (pictures).




I have escalate these problems to my senior and he said that we have to restart our ccx server. But any suggestion from you guys ? If i have to restart the server, how do i do it? 

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Arundeep Nagaraj
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Satyaz,


This seems to be an issue with the Manager Manager services on the Cluster View Daemon (CVD) service and the Cisco Unified CCX Engine (Engine).


The CVD is responsible for bringing up the other dependent CCX Services (consider it to be the brain of the CCX) while the CCX Engine which powers the functionalities (consider it to be the heart of the CCX).


The problem here is that the CCX Serviceability itself (a service that controls the status of other Services) is in PARTIAL SERVICE. A reboot may fix it, but at the same time, I would consider upgrading your CCX to the latest version due to the following:


- UCCX 8 is End of Support (No TAC support, No Development support for fixes)

- UCCX 8 is prone to such issues which got stability from the 8.5.1 SU4 release




- Login to the Command Line Interface (CLI) of the UCCX box. SSH to the box using a client of your choice (Putty for example)

- Authenticate with the Admin (Platform Administrator) username and password

- During off hours, run the command - utils system restart

- It would prompt you with a warning - Type yes

- If you have a 2 node setup (high availability), run this on Node 1, wait for Node 1 to come back up just fine (check the services from the CLI after it comes back up using utils service list and also the Services status from where you posted this screenshot)

- Once done, and everything is IN SERVICE, perform the restart as above on Node 2.


Hope this helps!