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UCCX Callback Script and Call Redirect Step

Angel Ramirez
Level 1
Level 1


Hoping someone has came across this issue and might have a fix.

We are using callback script which has been tested and works fine.  After testing, the phone number mask displayed when agent initiates callback is that of agents extension.

We are looking to display the queue main number so there are Route List configured to send out correct number.

I configured route list as a string variable and added to the beginning of callback number but routes to Invalid step when call redirect.  Route list starts with #XX followed by 1, then area code and number.

We were able to test agent by having them call #XX+1+AreaCode+Number directly and works.  When debugging script, Call Redirect fails and steps through to Invalid.



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Anthony Holloway
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Good thinking to create a special pattern in CUCM to route the call through, so that you can control the caller ID masking.

Extension Description
Extensions starting with “#” or “*” Extensions that trigger a network take-back and transfer where the specified string is outpulsed as is. The redirect is successful if a hang-up event occurs within a maximum of 5 seconds.
Note You can use a comma (,) in the string to insert a pause of 1 second before the next digit is outpulsed.



In other words, you cannot use patterns which begin with a #, since it has special meaning for UCCX.

Thanks Anthony.

I will look into creating new pattern not starting with "#" or "*".

Anthony, there isn't an escape sequence that can be used that allows UCCX to pass the # digit in a redirect step? That's disappointing. (I know you're just the messenger here. Thanks for the reply!)