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UCCX - 'Dead' calls with 9971s

Scott Jones

I've been going back and forth with TAC for 6 months now on the latest case...I'm hoping someone here has seen this or has some sort of idea of what's going on.

What happens is at random times and with random agents, they're in ready state, presented a call, where the caller ID is the CTI port info instead of the person that's calling.  When they go off-hook to answer, the call disconnects immediately, it shows a missed call in the records, BUT they're left at ready instead of going not ready as they would if a call rang through with no answer.

This initially started when we migrated from UCCX 7.X to 8.5.1.  At the same time, we also upgraded the phones the agents have to 9971s (they had 7970s previously).  Shortly after the upgrade, this behavior started.  I've had multiple cases open, this last one I've been fighting to make Cisco find the answer, but it would seem they're stumped.  We just upgraded to 10.5 (completely unrelated to this current issue...), and the behavior is still on-going.

Has anyone else come across an issue like this, either with 99XX series phones, or any SIP-based phone with UCCX?  That's the one variable that sticks out, but nothing in any of the traces that we've reviewed has an indicator that this is the issue.

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Wilson Samuel
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I haven't encountered anything like this. However I would be interested to know the following:


- Are these problems only encountered by the UCCX Agents?

- Any "regular" phone user encountering any "Dropped Calls"?

- What kind of GW, you have (H.323 / PRI, MGCP/PRI or SIP with SIP Trunking?

- Have you tried to trace the calls (and found if there is a pattern for these types of dropped calls?



Great questions. It's only happening to the agents. We've got over 1000 9971s deployed across our organization...


Gateways aren't really relevant in these cases as from what we can gather, the original call seems to originate from within the cluster (it's our help desk, so they rarely take outside calls).  The only pattern we see is that it always shows the caller ID of a CTI port..other than that, nothing else seems to be consistent. 

Hi Scott,

did you try upgrading the firmware of the phones?

Also, did you try to identify the UCCX application or script that would likely "trigger" this behaviour?



Hey Gergely--yes, actually we just pushed 9-4-2 to the phones, no change.  Our UCCX deployment at the moment is a single application/script, so not a whole lot that can be done there.  I will say, though, that the script that was written and migrated during the upgrade was a little bit of a mess, so we had a resource from our partner re-write it from the ground change there either.

OK... so basics first I guess...

Have you read this document, and ensured that your agent lines do not have access to anything listed as 'unsupported'?

i.e. no pickup groups, no barge, 2/1 max/busy trigger, etc etc etc.? system level stuff like disabling QSIG PR, etc... all of it. Boring, I know ;-)


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I am also facing the same issue with UCCX 10.5 and 9971 IP phones.

donno if there was an official reply from Cisco or anyone did resolve the issue.

Appreciate any feedback regarding this case.


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