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UCCX Finesse change status to ready after outbound call.

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Level 1


Agent complains that sometimes after outbound call the Finesse change status from Not Ready to Ready.

The issue happens only one or two times a day. Most of the time works fine.

UCCX rls 11.0

Any idea what can be the reason?

Thank you

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If you are talking about a manual outbound call I would check what their Ready Not Ready status was previously to making the call.

If they were in a ready or work state when making the call by design they are put back into a ready state after the call is disconnected. They would have to manually change their status to some not ready state to stay not ready after the call ends. Could be that they are forgetting to do that.

Hope this helps.

Base on their explanation, agents was in not ready state.

If you have CUIC you can check in the Agent State Detail Report to make sure.

If you see them go from ready to Not Ready reason code 32762 (Agent Off Hook) then back to ready you will know that they did not change to a not ready state before making the call.


Thank you. I will try it