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UCCX Ghost Calls

I wanted to post a resolution to an issue that has been plaguing our UCCX 7.01 environment for quite some time.  I have opened numerous TAC Cases all to no avail regarding the infamous ghost calls that a few of us experience in our environments.  While Cisco does provide solutions (none of which worked for me) for some of the various causes of these reporting anomalies I finally discovered what was causing the issue in my environment.  My call control groups were not large enough for those times when the call center would experience a high call volume.  I'm not sure how this could cause ghost calls but ever since I've provisioned large call control groups I have not had a single ghost call show up in CSD.  I figured I would post this hoping it would assist others with the same issue.


UCCX Ghost Calls

thank you for posting this Tim. This sounds like it is worth a try, my agents call these 'dropped calls'


UCCX Ghost Calls

Oops, I didn't mean "dropped call". lol

I have a UCCX r8.0 and had been told in the past by our support vendor that the only resolution to a call stuck in the queue or ghost call is to restart the server.

Cisco Employee

UCCX Ghost Calls

CSCsu40814. I will be fixed in 8.0(2)SU4

UCCX Ghost Calls

I would be surprised if that bug got fixed - it's a bit vague. There are lots of reasons for 'stuck' calls; and it usually gets blamed on use of one of the 'unsupported' features (listed in the release notes) rather than a software fault.

It may get fixed, but don't be surprised if it doesn't, and you should also consider removing the 'unsupported' buttons from agent phones. Some of my customers do, some decide that the use of the 'unsupported' features is more important than avoiding an occasional reboot...


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We are using UCCX 9.0.2.  We

We are using UCCX 9.0.2.  We had a problem with ghost calls too awhile back and what we found was to add a 1 sec delay just after the 'Start' flag in every script. We have not had any ghost calls since. I hope this helps someone!

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