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UCCX host file entry

Hi All,

I want to have a host file entry in the UCCX server.

The host file will have the FQDN and the resolved IP address against it .

like resolves to X.X.X.X

Can this be done in the UCCX root file/etc like it is done in Windows .

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What are you trying to accomplish/why would you want to do this?

Hi Bill,


I want to do this to register the UCCX server to Cisco SSM for licensing .

The Proxy server doesn't have any Hostname with a domain .UCCX 12.5 doesn't support IP address in Smart licensing .It accepts only FQDN .

Therefore I want to add the host and IP address in the Host file of UCCX server rather than adding the FQDN in the Domain controller .

You may find this defect of interest, even if you do register a host name, it doesn't show it? I'm guessing there's documentation that says it has to be registered by hostname somewhere, not just IP?


1) UC machines are not like Windows machines. They surely have a host file, but it cannot by modified by you like in Windows.
2) Just because the server itself has no hostname/domain configured, doesn't mean you cannot resolve a FQDN to IP address to it. This is has nothing to do with each other.
3) Why don't you want to add an A record in the DNS? That's the normaliest thing everyone would do? That's what DNS is there for.

Why are trying to find a solution, to a more complicated question? Why make this problem more complicated as it really is?

I’m going to agree with Björn on this. Why do you not use DNS for name lookup as it is intended for?

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The proxy servers are used which doesnt have any fqdn.
We don't want to create any fqdn for the the proxy servers
Therefore, we want to create an arbitrary fqdn in the uccx host file which points to the proxy servers.

Then you are stuck.

1) UCCX has no editable host file
2) You don't want to add a FQDN in DNS --> your decision

No other options there. Your original question is answered. Case closed.

The OS on CCX is a locked down variance of RHEL or CentOS depending on the version. This is known by CVOS, Cisco Voice Operating System, and it cannot be modified in the way you ask about.

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Thank you all for your Contribution. It happened that Host file entry is possible in Virtual Voice Browser. Hence I referred to it.

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