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When calls are made from certain numbers to our service desk department, caller is able to get through with some of the options but call gets dropped when the press other options? Anyone have any thoughts or exp

Hey everyone.  I have two separate questions which are not necessarily related. I am using UCCE 11.6 and had the following questions posed to me: 1) If an agent forcefully ignores a call is it considered a RONA?  I feel like that is a yes, however wh...

I have configured the Main Script and Post CallTreatment.Cisco Cotact, Other Collaboration ApplicationsI am successfully triggering the PCT with trigger stored in ECC Variable. but then the call is dropped with distorted voice within 3 to 4 sec. any ...

Hi, when I try to log in with a specific agent, e.g.,: http://UCCX-IP-or-FQDN:8082/fippa/SEPAAAABBBBCCCC/login?password=cisco&extension=62000&id=arunabh I get a HTTP 500 with this laconic error message: IllegalStateException Not connected to server. ...

We have a UCCE v12.5 system and currently using CourtesyCalback feature so all our inbound calls use Survivability TCL script in CUBE. Some of the calls that get answered by agents need to be manually transferred to another system (Avaya) via SIP so ...

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