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UCCX report generation issue

hello everyone

I'm having an issue when generating a specific report on UCCX. I tested on version 11.0 and later upgraded to 11.5, but the error is the same. The error is the following:

"Report execution failed. retry running the report and if the condition persists, contact the administrator."

I checked the database status (on data source options of CUIC) and it appears ok. What else can i check for solve the problem?

Many thanks in advance

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Accepted Solutions

Jonathan Schulenberg
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Have you installed this COP file?

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Jonathan Schulenberg
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Have you installed this COP file?

HI Jonathan

I want to ask about the cop file, after I import the socialminer template in cuic the same problem arises, does this cop file also solve my problem?
But the report for ccx in cuic is still normal

Many thanks in advance

Seski Ramadhan
Level 1
Level 1

Make sure you already put filter the right way, i have this problem, and after change my filter in cuic, it solve

Hi JuliO!


This problem was resolved? I already have the same problem when i execute three specific reports, below the names:

 - Agent All Field Report

 - Agent Login Logout Activity Report

 - Agent Summary Report


I would like to know if that COP File would solve my problem.



Restart these three services on Cisco Unified CCX Serviceability page:
- Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Reporting Service
- Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Serviceability Service
- Cisco Unified CCX Database

Then run the report again

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Check if you are able to run the reports on the CLI of CCX nodes.
If it's gives an error on the CLI then it looks like an issue with report or a database depends on the error.
Run report in CUIC copy the SQL from CUIC. Add SQL in the below command and past the same in CLI to check if this runs or not.
"run uccx sql db_cra <Paste SQL here>"