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UCCX Write Document Step in CCX Editor:

Level 1
Level 1

Does anyone know if it's possible to use the write document step to save a prompt on an external server/directory?   I want to record a prompt and have it stored and accessible on a remote server. 


Use case:  Site managers call in to leave a  voice message for employees for their location.   Employees can call in to hear that message.  Want something cleaner than using voicemail system and without additional licensing costs. 

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Sean Lynch
Level 7
Level 7

Is there a requirement to save the message “off box?”  It would easy enough to create an application /IVR style on UCCX that handles all of this on box; both call-in to leave the message, and then for employees to call and retrieve/ listen to it.  You could even create a distribution to send the recorded message or notification via email that an updated  message is waiting  to be heard...

Not sure if this meets your requirements, that’s how I would do this...


Hi Sean,


Thanks for the reply.  I thought about keeping it on box but I thought there was a space limitation for storing prompts.  I was concerned I might exceed it.  There potentially could be a couple hundred messages possibly over a minute or two long.  


This is an older doc but it discusses the storage space for prompts.