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UCCE Side B Relocation

Muhammed Ashiq


We are going to relocate Side B of our UCCE 11.6 system to another data Center.

System Consist of 2 VoiceGW,3 VXML GW,7 CVP,5 PG(CM,VRU),2 AW,Rogger B,Finesse,CUIC,CCMP.

Is there any Documentation available for it ?

or any important things to consider.

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Konstantin Vaksin
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

You will need to change IP Addresses of the components.
You might have problems with VOS products. Please check corresponding docs for that


Hi Muhammed, 

Please let us know if there any changes in the IP Address when you move to the new DC? 

if you are keeping the IP address the same, then you may 

Ensure that you have network connectivity, power backup, rack spaces are in place
Take the back up of all the system components (VoiceGW,3 VXML GW,7 CVP,5 PG(CM,VRU), AW,Rogger, Finesse,CUIC,CCMP). (VM clones if it is a possibility) 
 Perform a graceful shutdown of the system (follow the Cisco IPCC Startup/Shutdown/Restart Procedures - Cisco)
relocate the server and follow the start-up process as mentioned in the above doc. 
if there are any changes in the IP details, 

- UC VOS (Changing IP Address and Hostname for Cisco Unified Communications Manager and IM and Presence Service, Release 10.x - IP Address and Hostname Changes [Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CallManager)] - Cisco )

- UCCE  Cisco IPCC Startup/Shutdown/Restart Procedures - Cisco



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Another thing to consider is how long you will be in simplex mode.  It is possible to have sync/replication problems depending on call volume and time to restore side B.  If it drags on, it may be necessary to have Cisco/partner manually sync the loggers and HDS.  Usually a normal UCCE 4000 rogger should make it through a long weekend in simplex, but you should be able to verify with ICMDBA and RTTEST.  Good luck!  

Muhammed Ashiq

What about re installing the Components in the New Site ?

How the configurations are restored in Side B.

The call center configurations and historical data should automatically sync up through the state transfer mechanism as long as not too much time in simplex.  The systems configurations (ie IP config mostly) need to be cared for prior to the move and tested as part of the process.   In general it would work like this:  step1 - stop ICM services on side b and set to manual start 2) power off and move side B 3) power on Side B and configure windows with new IP addresses (if needed depending on your network).   Ping both ways from Side A to B and the HDS's and PGs if you're moving those too.   If all ok there, start services on Rogger B then PGB(s), then AWs.  You can run RTTEST on either side to see the status of the state transfer and ICMDBA should give an indicator of how the historical info doing in its replication.   If problems with the network (port ranges, masks, etc), the system will likely try to reboot itself over and over to self heal, so be ready to open a command window and run the stopshut command.  If all ok, set services back to automatic and should be good to go.  Have fun!

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