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Aswin S

Using Global Variable in UCCX


My UCCX Script scenario is explained below,

1) Supervisor of Call center call a trigger number(script 1) to set call center(CC) is Open or Close with variable value 1 or 0 respectively via DTMF input.

2) Customer calls another busines trigger number (script 2). This script 2 should initially check the variable value 1 (CC open) or 0 (CC close) from the script 1 and process script 2 accordingly.


How to pass this script 1 variable value set by CC Supervisor to script 2 globally?

(Tried Get Session variable, but value is valid till the call to script 1 is live. After the call hung up in script 1, Session value becomes NULL). What i am expecting is, is there any global variable that can be used to set CC open or Close, so that any script in uccx can read and process that variable value at any time irrespective of call to the script 1 is live or end?


Hi Ashok,


I referred your replied post, that was helpful. But the scenario i am having is, one script will act like master script to set values 0 or 1 for a variable and all other slave scripts should get that variable from master script whenever we trigger the slave scripts to execute. Meaning, variable storing 0 or 1 in master script should be access by all other script in uccx (Global Variable). How to do that is unknown for me. Any help on this is much appreciated.!

Chris Deren
Hall of Fame Master

Why not just store the variable in an XML file with the master script and let the slave scripts read the value of it from the XML file? There are example of it on the "UCCX script repository" exactly for the open/close/holiday scenario.

Hi chris,

I tried the XML way as you replied, i jumped half way. But i am not aware of replacing the flag value in XML file via DTMF input entered by caller. I am able to read and process the already available value in the XML file. Can you please help me to change/edit the falg value (cckey) in XML file through script?


XML file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


<StatusVariable value="1">



<StatusVariable value="0">





Scenario trying:

If caller entered 1 (statusvariable value), then cckey need to be changed as 1, if caller entered 0 (statusvariable value), then cckey need to be changed as 0


In script using Keyword Transform Document step to replace the cckey value either with 0 or 1, but script step is not changing the value as 0 or 1. (script attached as image)


Is there any format need to be followed in scripting for keyword Transform Document step to executed?

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