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Hi Team, In our infrastructure, we have 48 PGs (24 active & 24 passive) across 2 data centers. We want to setup a automatic daily health check for the PGs before the business day start so that none of the CTI clients fails. Please suggest a best way ...

prabhu2kc by Level 1
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Currently have a UCCX 11.5 application using Call Consult to call conference bridge provider number and sends participant code via DTMF to create simple auto logon into a conference call for our support staff.  Trying to set up same thing for new con...

Non-technical question, more about data protection on a global system.My customer is trying to expand their global UCCE environment which currently covers EMEA and APAC, so that it also covers USA.  Technically it's possible as the Router/Logger are ...

dkeight by Level 1
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Resolved! Scripting Question

Hello Experts,We have some emergency Ad Hoc prompts (EAP) that we record and play when it is needed.  I am writting a script that requires the below manipulations.The emergency prompt comes right before the main menu to informe callers about the situ...

mightyking by Level 6
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Hello, I have UCCX 11.6.2 with SocialMiner and have successfully set up Classic Chat and Bubble Chat allowing people on the Internet to chat to CCX agents. I now want to set up the new Facebook Messenger integration and am struggling to understand so...

smfb1.PNG smfb2.PNG

Probably a quick and simple question but we just went to CUIC 11.6 a couple of months ago and its driving me nuts!  Once you get in, it tells you it requires IE in compatibility mode for some functions.  OK; so you set that, but the next time you go ...

Hi every one,In UCCE enviroment client found that notice on PG :SIP Dialer has decreased the port throttle by: 1, since VGW overdialing has been detected in the last 4540 seconds; adjusted-configured port throttle: 11.000000-15.000000.Voice gateway h...

harageri1 by Level 1
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Currently my company is looking to move away from g729 and towards g711.UCCE 11.6, codec changeFrom a UCCE 11.6 perspective what would need to change to accomodate this?UCCE 11.6, codec change  Obviously the prompts would need to be changed, and we w...

Hello guys, I’m trying to install ICM (CCEInst  iso) under windows 2016 server as recommended by Cisco matrix compatibility , but after install sql 2016 sever and try to install icm , I got SEVERE error , indicating that installation require Windows ...

Looking at the PQ historical and realtime stock reports. Is there a way of selecting a number of PQs and calling these something different and having the stats grouped into that new overarching group. Would be a bit like creating Enterprise Skill Gro...