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VVB settings to define the system and session memory when using <record> element to capture the recorded audio

When using Cisco IOS VXML Browser Gateway, we used to provide the following configurations when CVP IVR application uses <record> element.


ivr record memory session <KB>

ivr record memory system <KB>


How should we configure the same when the same CVP IVR application is used to work with Cisco VVB? Where should we define these settings? At present, CVP application drops exactly at 30 seconds.




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VIP Advocate VIP Advocate
VIP Advocate

I previously had a case where I asked if the documentation like the operations guide would specifically show the feature comparison for things like this (i.e. CVP Config guide says to do X command, but it only applies to VXML and not VVB) and it wasn't pursued.

I still think it would be very helpful to have a command comparison for things like this that are specifically outlined in the CVP configuration guide so you know for certain what is supported/there is parity for and things that aren't.

Yes, comparison document explaining the CLI features of IOS VXML G/w with VVB will certainly be useful for the larger Cisco CVP community.



Did you get the required information? We are about to migrate from VXML gateways to VVB and one of our VXML application is using CVP Record node. How we can configure IVR Record memory settings?

did you find How we can configure IVR Record memory settings?

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