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We are facing issue with Finesse when agents start using chrome browser. We have UCCX server ( and CUCM ( and agents will automatically goes from ready to not ready in chrome (it shows logout 255 not Not ready reason)....

Hello, I have deployed SocialMiner in conjunction with CCX for webchat and email queuing. The webchat and inbound IMAP email work ok but outbound secure SMTP fails. In Finesse the agent sees "Unable to reply to customer's email. Click...

UCCX System version: Does anyone know how to pull a list of all resources and their competency levels within a specific csq? Looking for the similar info that you get from the "Open printable report of this csq configuration"but also ...

How to collect logs from user PC for finesse user Go to https://<finesse FQDN>/desktop/locallog Click on “sign in with persistent logging” option in the screenAnd attempt login. Once issue is reproduced, open another tab and browse to the above URL. ...

Hello,   I read in the Cisco QM 11.5 technical documentation that it is possible to select the type of codec used by QM for the Daily Recording Storage. Currently, the files I find there use the 16-bit codec and I would like them to ideally use the S...

Resolved! UCCX editor error

Hello, I am using UCCX 10.6 and UCCX editor 10.6 When I reactive script , start debug mode, the following is shown: "Engine hostname list is empty check the ldap for enabled unified ccx engines" Thanks

Hello,   I've managed to create scripts before, but seems that i'm stuck to finnish a basic one.  I'm trying to create a script which will have only one Queue without any filter options to choose from after listening to the main prompt, I want it as ...

TrickTrick by Participant
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Can we use regular expressions in the string.replace method? For example:   strCallingNumber.replace("/'[+]?[9]?[+]?[1]?(\d{3})?(\d{3})(\d{4})|([135]\d{4})$/","$1-$2-$3$4")   This doesn't seem to do it, I tried without the quotes as well... 

robcav86 by Beginner
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I have tried many ways to get a date object with tomorrow's date.   My most recent attempt was to set a date variable with a Do command, dtTomorrow.setDate(D[now].getDate()+1)  where the initial value of dtTomorrow = D[now]   It seems no matter what ...

robcav86 by Beginner
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