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Webex Contact Center developer community has a new location…

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

The Webex for Developers Community forums have expanded to include dedicated topics for Webex Contact Center APIs and integrations. All of the topics with “Webex” labels in this forum have been migrated over to Webex for Developers forum and the original URLs for those posts will now automatically redirect to the new location.  Webex Contact Center developers should now use the new Webex for Developers Community location to engage in discussions, exchange knowledge, and seek assistance.

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Hi, @philbell, is there a reason you'd move the posts and have a separate group vs. having all things contact center related be in one group and just use tags to identify the specific system (CCE, CCX, Webex CC, WebexCCE, etc)? Just thinking being able to go to one group would be better than having to bookmark multiple locations?

Hello @bill.king1 - thanks for the reply. We made the decision to move the Webex Contact Center topics to the main Webex for Developers Community forum largely for two reasons:

1. The same Developer Support team now supports both product platforms (Webex Suite and Webex Contact Center).

2. It will allow us to better measure Webex community engagement, since all developers, regardless of which product they work on, will be in one place. The topics that exist in the DevNet Contact Center community forum are mostly for Cisco branded on-premises deployments (-90%), so it made more sense to merge all Webex developer content in the main Webex area.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.