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Hello,I'm trying to get get interface shwo ip int GigabitEthernet0/0/4 params via a HTTP Get method, and I do always get a response 404 NOT Found. In the request I used the URI : c...

Hello Sir, Could you please give me some support on this issue ? I do install "requests" module in my python virtual environment but when I tried to import requests , it told me"No module named requests".   I am very confused. Thank you for your help...

This is simple Python code to get `show hostname` output in Cisco IOS.script.pyfrom netmiko import ConnectHandler cisco_881 = { 'device_type': 'cisco_ios', 'host': 'host', 'username': 'u', 'password': 'p' } net_connect = ConnectHandler(**cisco_881)...

fc00::/7 by Level 1
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All, I have rolled out my own custom PnP Server via flask/python and I am trying to find more information about some services that I cant find documented anywhere..  I am looking for the format on how to use pnp script which will get a remote device ...

thebmit by Level 1
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Hi All,Hope someone can help us with this. We're not successful in printing a telnet test result. Netmiko is being used with Python. Tried several methods but it's the same error. Below is the code and the output that should appear. Other commands ex...

telnet result.JPG
normzie by Level 1
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Hello,During my study on the DEVnet lab, I have created my site from design module, After this move to provision Module to assign wireless controller with site but I can't find WLC to take action with it, Is there anyone to advise?