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Hi Team,Etherchannels was introduced in version 1.3.3. Just double-checking before implementing for a customer if there are any caveats or reasons not to do etherchannels on the dedicated appliance in this case? Customer will be on 1.4.3.Any help wou...

Sean Kovich by Cisco Employee
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Resolved! IWAN APIC-EM Prime

Hello Experts, A question in PnP for IWAN deployment1-one of the major benefits of using APIC-EM for IWAN deployment is PnP (Zero Touch deployment) of branch. <-- (Is this correct?)2-the Prime also support PnP (zero touch deployment)<-- (Is this corr...

Hello Experts,     i have a detailed question for IWAN deployment,1-our customer asking for IWAN solution, with a deployment application.2-we have proposed Prime as it support all IWAN features to deploy, e.g. DMVPN, PfR, QOS, AVC and WAAS <-- Is thi...

Hello Experts, Can you answer this, Why I can use APIC-EM for IWAN deployment instead of Prime (or even with Prime)?I.e. What is the added value for APIC-EM in the IWAN solution?please try to give me detailed answer.

Hello,New to APIC-EM. Today I downloaded ISO and installed in VMWare Workstation on laptop for evaluation.During installation I opted to not create additional accounts and only use "root".After first installation, I attempted to login at console usin...

Hi all,I am hoping to find out what some of you have used for your APIC-EM server in your home lab. My goal is to figure out how much hardware someone might need to purchase to run APIC-EM bare-metal. (I would likely run it under ESXi, but the bare-m...

WendellO by Level 5
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Resolved! PnP device reset

Hi there,During some test deplyments I noticed some odd behaviour of the 'reset' button which can be used on devices listed under projects.With one project some switches were failing during the image deployment, the device would transition into an 'E...

Seb Rupik by VIP Alumni
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Resolved! Easy QoS API?

Hi,According to the Easy QoS design guide the CUCM tells the APIC-EM when a call is being established.Dynamic QoS flows are initiated when call signaling systems, such as CUCM, use the northbound REST-based API to signal to APIC-EM that a call has be...

hello i have configured 3 routers with snmp and the three routers are not in the same network when i do discovery after configuring credentials and snmpv2 apic is only able to detect the router which is in the same network as it . for the others, it ...

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